Aluminum Precision Casting

Aluminum Precision Casting Technology

Aluminum is a material that can oxidize quickly and is difficult to cast. This substance, which is very difficult to process, is an important source of use for many sectors. Having a light resistant structure, aluminum has an important place in many sectors thanks to its durability and long life. Finding a place in many areas, especially in automotive, aluminum has a very important place in the global market.

Aluminum Precision Casting Process

Aluminum, a silver-colored metal with an atomic number of 13 in nature, with a melting temperature of 660 degrees, is an important metal used in many different sectors. Having properties such as low density, high rigidity, specific strength, shaping ability, long life, high toughness, corrosion resistance, conductivity, recycling, aluminum can be produced in desired design and size thanks to the precision casting process. In the aluminum investment casting process, the aluminum melted at high temperatures is poured into the pre-modeled ceramic mold and allowed to cool. After the solidification process, the product is separated from the mold and final arrangements are made.

Aluminum Usage in Different Sectors

Aluminum, which plays a major role in reducing energy costs and carbon emissions, helps to reduce transportation costs and CO2 emissions thanks to its recyclable and lightweight properties. This substance, which is frequently used in areas such as aviation, space and defense industry today, ensures successful results in production. Aluminum, which is very advantageous in terms of both product design and production efficiency, is used in many sectors all over the world.

Other Areas Where Aluminum Is Used

It can be used in aluminum transmission bodies and pistons, parts of small household appliances, kitchen hand tools, textile machinery and other machines. Specially designed with ceramic casting molds, these materials ensure perfect results when processed by experts. After preparing a separate mold for each product to be produced, the main parts are produced with the part to be produced, in one-to-one dimensions. Thanks to modeling, it is also possible to take a sample of the part to be produced. This saves companies from unnecessary cost budgets by ensuring that each product is produced flawlessly in multiple orders.

Expertise in Aluminum Precision Casting Process

Ceramic casting molds should be specially designed while aluminum investment casting is carried out. Particular attention should be paid to deoxidation when performing the aluminum investment casting process in order to avoid gaps in the castings. Thanks to a special method we have developed within BRK Metal, we put our signature on products with minimum gas gap and maximum strength for each product we produce. Our company, which has the capacity to produce aluminum precision casting parts that can meet the quality standard of the aviation industry, effectively meets the aluminum precision casting needs of all sectors.